Gary Coates
Gary has been the owner and General Manager at KBJT/KQEW since 1977. Which means Gary is pretty much callin' the shots. (Read: He's getting older by the minute.)


Carna Coates
Here we see Carna at the business desk keeping the billing and paperwork straight.  She can also be found in the KBJT control room doing the "Swap Shop" program.  We have a photo of her there, too, but knowing how much you might like a mystery, we'll make you search for it.

Saxon Coates
Saxon literally grew up with the radio station and is the News/Sports/Special Events Director. He's the one who keeps you informed as well as entertained with his special events and sports broadcasting.  He can also leave you rolling in the aisles with his funny stories, but you probably want to send the children out of the room, first.

Cathy Malone
Cathy heads up the advertising department with a simple work ethic: "NEVER lie to a client, and always treat them as you want to be treated."  Now if she could just get them to treat her like she wants to be treated (i.e. LOTS of advertising orders) life would be rosy as can be, don't you know!

Cathy Malone 

Ray Irwin
Ray barely works in the sales department, and barely moonlights as the station's web geek.  Nobody really knows what he does, and he strives to keep it that way.